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Altos Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company devoted to identifying and developing compounds for gastrointestinal and associated disorders with high unmet medical need.

Altos will execute the product programs using a semi-virtual business model until the regulatory risk associated with clinical efficacy and safety have been substantially reduced. Altos will then partner these compounds with identified companies for final development and marketing.

Our product

The GI system is one of the critical systems within the body and it has a major effect on quality of life. The gastrointestinal (GI) system has a major effect on an individual’s daily activities and quality of life. It is thought that every year at least 30% of people suffer from one or more episodes of common GI disorders severe enough to require medical attention.

In the US alone, GI diseases result in nearly 200 million sick days, 72 million visits to physicians, 14 million hospital discharges and nearly 240,000 deaths per year.

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Management team

  • Roger L. Whiting, Ph.D.

    Co-founder, President and CEO

    Roger Whiting brings substantial scientific and management expertise from pharmaceutical...

  • Roberto Rosenkranz Ph.D. MBA.

    Co-founder, Executive Chairman

    Roberto brings both a scientific and business background to Altos, with twenty-two years...

Meet our team